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Full-Service Property Management in Ontario, California

property-management-servicesMGR Property Management has been helping Ontario property owners manage their rental properties since 1981. Our Ontario property management solutions are comprehensive and customizable, allowing you to pay for the exact services you need without forcing you to pay for those you don’t. If you have a rental property in Ontario or the surrounding cities, we are here to make sure that renting your property is stress-free for you.

Why You Should Consider Property Management Services

In theory, renting a property should be simple enough: you set the rental price, find a tenant you trust, collect the rent each month, and make repairs when needed. However, it’s more nuanced than that. A lot goes into efficiently managing a property, and when it isn’t your profession, and especially when it’s something you’re juggling on top of other responsibilities, it can be overwhelming.

Rather than risking things going wrong and adding stress to your life, you can work with MGR Property Management in Ontario. Some benefits you can enjoy by working with us include:

Immediate Response

When things go wrong, it’s rarely during regular operating hours. As a property owner, you do not want to be on-call at all hours of the day and night. However, we are. Whenever your tenants need us, we are there, ready to offer the best solution for both you and the renter or renters.

Vast Connections

What will you do when your property needs a repair in the middle of the night? Chances are you will Google the service you need and pick one of the top three results. But you don’t know how good their work is, how trustworthy they are, or if their services are overpriced. Since we’ve been operating in Ontario for over three decades, we’ve established working relationships with reliable and affordable contractors, allowing us to remedy any issue quickly.

Conflict Management

Hopefully, everything with your experience renting your property will go well. With that said, experience has shown us that there are always some bumps in the road, and in many cases, these bumps lead to conflict between the owner and the tenant. The team at MGR Management has the experience in resolving disputes in ways that are fair and balanced, including such contentious issues such as late payment and eviction.

Property Preservation

A big part of property management is doing what it takes to ensure that your property is protected and preserved. We do this by establishing what renters can and cannot do in their lease and taking action whenever the lease is violated, ensuring that all steps we make are in line with local regulations. When doing it yourself, you may not realize everything you need to guard against, and there is always the possibility you will accidentally step on the wrong side of the law. We make sure you have legal protection.

Tenant Retention

One of the hardest things for property owners to deal with is tenant retention. Because it’s a delicate matter, it can quickly go sideways. However, we have developed a keen understanding of what tenants are looking for and how to get them to sign the lease year after year. With us, you don’t need to deal with continually flipping tenants.

Rent Collection

Another potentially awkward element of renting a property is collecting the rent when due. Money matters are inherently difficult for some, and when tenants are late or unable to pay the full amount, it gets even harder. Not only will we collect the rent for you and enforce due dates, but we also offer payment methods that make it easier for your tenants to pay you.

Tax Assistance

When you work with us, you get help with taxes in two ways. First of all, we handle all of the accounting work for you, so you don’t need to pay a separate accountant or scramble at the end of the year to get the numbers together. Second, property management fees are tax deductible. If you want less work come tax time, MGR Property Management can help.

As you can see, there is a lot that we can do for you—and this isn’t even a comprehensive list. To help you better understand how we will assist you in making the most of your property, let’s look at what we offer according to property type.

Commercial Property Management Services


Commercial properties come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. You might have multi-tenant or single-tenant office buildings, stand-alone retail buildings, shopping centers, massive retail complexes, warehouses, and more. Each of these different types of commercial properties will require different approaches. Luckily, here at MGR Property Management, we have had the chance to work with them all.

To ensure you get the most out of your property, we offer a full slate of commercial property management services for property owners in Ontario and the surrounding areas. Some of the services we provide include:

  •         Improvement plan generation
  •         Marketing and advertising
  •         Flipping units/spaces for new tenants
  •         Property inspection and maintenance
  •         Rent and fee collection
  •         Enforcement of legal agreements
  •         24/7 tenant service
  •         Ongoing bookkeeping
  •         Contractor oversight
  •         Rate comparisons
  •         Tenant insurance reviews

Because we allow you to select the services you need, you can pick and choose what you want for your property, so your arrangement with us will always work for you.

Homeowners’ and Property Owners’ Association Management Services

hoa-property-management-servicesHomeowners’ and property owners’ associations always start off with good intentions, but when politics and power come into play, they can lead to a lot of strife within the neighborhood or complex. For many associations, rather than opt-in for members as leaders, it’s better to go with an outside company for management.

In addition to keeping the neighborhood or association looking great and working to entice new buyers or renters, we can take care of the essential tasks that come with running an HOA or POA property management service, including:

  •         Tracking and enforcing covenants, conditions, and restrictions
  •         Collecting monthly fees
  •         Collecting violation fees
  •         Hiring and overseeing vendors
  •         Keeping reliable records
  •         Holding regular board meetings
  •         Taking care of accounting

We are happy to offer additional services that help your organization achieve the goals most important to owners and renters. These services include everything from reviews and analysis of investments to creating a monthly newsletter. With us, your community will be in harmony.

Residential Property Management Services


Renting a single-family property can be deceptively tricky. In many cases, there are emotional attachments to the property, making it hard to take an objective approach to marketing and renting it. Even when there isn’t since the property is not part of a complex you are managing, it can be challenging to keep an eye on it, and it might even feel invasive to do so. But the MGR Property Management team is professional and experienced, able to handle all aspects of single-family residential property management with ease. Some of the services we can offer you include:

  •         Background checks
  •         Lease signings
  •         Monthly rent collection
  •         Assessment of lease violations
  •         Lease enforcement
  •         Fulfillment of service requests
  •         Hiring vendors for maintenance and repairs
  •         Bookkeeping
  •         Expense review
  •         Lease reviews
  •         Lease negotiations
  •         Property inspections
  •         Tax, mortgage, and insurance payments

If you have a single-family property or one for as many as four families, take advantage of our residential property management services.

Apartment Property Management Services

apartment-property-management-servicesBecause apartments are residential properties, they share many concerns with single-family rental properties. However, apartment complex owners must deal with all of those concerns multiplied by however many units they own, making it a much more overwhelming task. As a result, you are dealing with all of the elements of property management on an ongoing basis—the cycle never ends.

The MGR Property Management team has the experience in keeping apartment complexes running smoothly at all times.  For properties with five or more units, we provide a complete range of apartment property management services. No matter what depth of service you require, we can create the package that works for you.

Why You Should Choose MGR Property Management

Here at MGR Property Management, we know that no matter how stellar our services are, they are of no benefit to you unless they work with your bottom line. As such, we streamline our costs and allow you to pick the services you need, discarding those you do not. Most of our fees come from a modest, fixed percentage of your gross income on the properties we have under contract. As required, we may also assess additional costs for management responsibilities unique to each property location.

Unlike many property management companies in Southern California, we have an extensive network, maintaining five offices throughout the area and keeping an extensive network of contractors, ensuring you always have access to what you need. We never take action without your input, and your expectations are still at the forefront of our minds. While we will take away the work and the stress, you always have control.

MGR Property Management is a full-service company, and we have been delivering incredible service to Ontario and the surrounding areas for nearly four decades. We take a hands-on approach to our work, making sure everything always exceeds your expectations. Let us handle your property management so you can enjoy the rental income without the hassle.

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