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Property Management Excellence for the City of San Dimas

property-management-servicesIn San Dimas and San Gabriel Valley, property owners and homeowners’ associations turn to MGR Property Management for verified management expertise at a reasonable cost. We provide owners with a full array of customizable services for the effective oversight of commercial properties, residential properties, and apartment complexes. And homeowners’ associations can count on us for the organizational skill needed to maintain neighborhood property values and curbside appeal.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property owners in San Dimas and surrounding L.A. County communities offer a wide variety of spaces and buildings for lease. Typical examples of options available on the market include:

  •         Multi- and single-tenant offices and buildings
  •         Standalone retail buildings
  •         Retail shopping centers
  •         Warehouses and other industrial properties

The skills required to manage commercial properties are interchangeable to a significant degree. However, top-flight management caters to the needs of specific properties and specific property owners. Some owners possess the time and abilities needed to face their unique management challenges. On the other hand, owners who would prefer to focus on other priorities can rely on the services of a professional management company that specializes in the commercial property industry.

commercial-property-management-servicesMGR Property Management is a trusted and time-tested provider of commercial management services throughout the greater Los Angeles region. Choose from day-to-day benefits such as:

  •         Property marketing and tenant acquisition
  •         Collection of tenant rents
  •         Monitoring of lease violations
  •         Levying and collecting fines for lease violations
  •         Occupancy preparation for vacant buildings and spaces
  •         24/7 response capability for tenants requesting services or assistance
  •         Regular inspection of vacant and occupied properties

You can also take advantage of our extensive behind-the-scenes services, which include:

  •         Detailed bookkeeping on a monthly and annual basis
  •         Regular reviews of income and expenditures
  •         Tracking of insurance status for each tenant
  •         Appraisal of all contractors and vendors
  •         Periodic comparison of your rental rates with local market averages

Residential Property Management

residential-property-management-servicesMGR Property Management also specializes in comprehensive management services for single-family rental properties. Our flexible approach makes it easy for you to focus on specific areas of need or concern. Tenant-side tasks we cover include:

  •         Vetting of prospective tenants’ criminal and financial histories
  •         Management of tenant lease signings
  •         Tenant rent collection
  •         Assessments and notifications for lease violations
  •         Levying and collecting fines for lease violations
  •         Round-the-clock accommodation of tenant service requests

Background financial and administrative tasks we handle for residential properties include:

  •         Management of lease renewals
  •         Site-by-site expense reporting for each of your rental properties
  •         Detailed monthly and annual bookkeeping
  •         Periodic property inspection
  •         Tracking and payment of all taxes, fees and mortgage costs

Services in this category apply to any property with four or fewer single-family units.

Apartment Management

apartment-property-management-servicesManagement of apartment complexes bears some resemblance to the  management of properties that hold single-family units. However, since most complexes contain a higher number of occupants, the demand for skilled, fiscally responsible oversight is even more significant. Challenges specific to multi-family apartment properties include wide variations in month-to-month occupancy levels, an increased need for routine grounds maintenance and the burdensome upkeep requirements of large, high-traffic buildings. Rather than attempting to cope with their responsibilities on their own, owners of these properties make frequent use of professional apartment services providers.

MGR Property Management has an extensive background in tenant-side, financial and administrative management of apartment complexes in San Dimas and other San Gabriel Valley communities. Services in this category apply to any site that contains five or more units. We also specialize in the management of multiple locations and can customize our services to meet your unique goals and needs.

Homeowners’ Association Management

In all locations, homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and property owners’ associations (POAs) serve two main goals. First, they give association members a way to protect and increase the value of their property holdings. In addition, HOAs and POAs aim to bring in new residents who will uphold local community standards. Homeowners’ and property owners’ associations meet these overlapping needs with CC&R contracts that include a legally enforceable set of covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Other typical duties handled by HOAs and POAs include:

  •         Collecting dues from residents under association jurisdiction
  •         Levying fines for residents who violate the local CC&R
  •         Handling all required income and expense reporting
  •         Forming and maintaining a stable organizational structure
  •         Hiring and maintenance crews and other required vendors
  •         Monitoring vendor performance

Faced with such complicated and time-consuming tasks, many homeowners’ associations and property owners’ associations delegate at least some of their operations to a third-party management specialist. If your San Dimas-area HOA/POA needs assistance of any kind, you can turn to the pros at MGR Property Management. Some clients prefer for us to focus on day-to-day responsibilities that have an impact on their community’s outward appearance, while others need more help with their core administrative tasks. Whatever your requirements, we can adapt our approach to support your goals.

Pricing Your Required Services

Whether the topic is property management or HOA/POA management, professional assistance only makes sense when it fits the restrictions of your operating budget. At MGR, we help you keep your bottom line intact with a billing plan mainly based on a modest, pre-set portion of your gross receipts. In some cases, we may need to apply a small additional fee for the management of properties with complicated or unusual operating requirements.

Serving the Needs of San Dimas

San Dimas is a community of 34,000-plus located in eastern Los Angeles County in the San Gabriel Valley. The municipality shares its name with a Catholic saint, as well as local landmark San Dimas Canyon. San Dimas serves as the home of the Pacific Railroad Museum and one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers of GPS Devices. Residents and visitors have access to a wide assortment of popular outdoor destinations, including Raging Waters waterpark, Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, Walnut Creek Community Regional Park, San Dimas Canyon Park and Angeles National Forest.

MGR Property Management meets the needs of San Dimas and other area communities from our home base in the nearby City of Ontario. Every day, we help property owners, HOAs and POAs fulfill their responsibilities and make the most of their financial opportunities. Whether you oversee a single property, multiple properties or an entire neighborhood, our staff of seasoned managers is there to assist you every step of the way. For more information on our many affordable services, call us today.

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