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Learn about our HOA & POA Property Management Services.


(But are not limited to)


Complete In House Accounting Staff and Systems

  • Mail monthly statements to owners, or upon decision by the Board, mail coupons yearly;
  • Electronic payment option available to all members (ACH) eliminating need for owners to write a check for assessments;
  • Distribute late notices for past due assessments and levy late fees according to the Association’s Collection Policy;
  • Monitor homeowner payment plans;
  • Assist the Board and its legal counsel in the enforcement and collection of delinquent accounts as proscribed in the Association’s CC&R’s and Collection Policy;
  • Prepare checks for invoices two (2) times per month and on day of the meeting;
  • Assist in the preparation of the fiscal year’s annual budget for review and approval by Board of Directors;
  • Report cash flow problems to the Board;
  • Prepare and distribute a Balance Sheet monthly;
  • Prepare and distribute financial reports to the Board monthly;
  • Prepare and distribute bank reconciliations monthly;
  • Prepare an aged Association delinquency list monthly;
  • Association’s funds deposited into their own account on average, three (3) times per week;
  • Provide monthly reconciled financials;
  • Assist with assets management;
  • Prepare 1099’s.


  • Maintain correspondence files for contractors, homeowners, etc.;
  • Maintain financial data;
  • Prepare escrow demands and lender certifications;
  • Record changes of ownership as provided in writing to Management;
  • Assist the Board in verifying that all assessments, late charges, legal fees and special assessments are brought current for any delinquent unit that changes title;
  • Maintain current homeowner, non-owner and tenant listing as information is provided;
  • Issue welcome packets to new owners;
  • Respond to correspondence received from homeowners, contractors and developer representatives, etc.;
  • Coordinate with the Board and/or the Association’s CPA for the timely filing of state and federal taxes and the performance of audits with auditors selected by Board;
  • Distribute the audited financial reports, annual budget and reserve study to the owners of record;
  • Assist in the process of obtaining and implementing a reserve study;
  • Internet and E-mail access;
  • Fax service free of charge;
  • Receptionist to answer telephone calls during business hours with voicemail access;
  • Maintain CC&R Compliance Logs, ARCR Logs and Maintenance Logs;
  • Maintain insurance information on all vendors;
  • Assist in the preparation of rules and regulations for the Association.


  • Upon request by Board, seek out and present contractors for their review and approval;
  • Management shall supervise contract administration within the scope and authority established and agreed to/by and between Board and Management;
  • Conduct regular property inspections;
  • Obtain competitive estimates for the Board of Directors consideration;
  • Management shall send letters of violation or notify the Board, as applicable, of architectural and/or CC&R violations;
  • Upon prior policy approval from the Board, Management shall authorize repairs and maintenance above the scope of existing contracted contractor services, not to exceed an amount determined by the Board, if applicable;
  • Telephone service available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for emergencies.


  • Provide updated information regarding new community Association legislature;
  • Assist the Board in preparing and enforcing the Rules & Regulations of the Association;
  • Assist in securing legal counsel for the amendment of the Association’s governing documents;
  • Make recommendations for and initiate, if approved, legal and/or collection action in the pursuit of delinquent Association dues;
  • Assist the Board in establishing policy and administrative procedures;
  • Coordinate builder problems and assist the Board in determining methods of handling problems.


  • Prepare notices, ballots and agendas in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the Bylaws for the annual meeting;
  • Attend the regularly scheduled meetings of Board and the annual meeting of Association;
  • Act as recording secretary and prepare minutes of each meeting;
  • Prior to each board meeting, send to each Board member a packet including agenda, minutes, financials, bids, delinquencies, contracts and correspondence. Whenever possible, board packets will be mailed five (5) days prior to the meeting;
  • Organize and assist in conducting the annual meeting of the membership and assist in the election associated with said annual meeting.
  • Management will provide a report summarizing status of delinquent account histories.
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MGR Property Management has developed a reputation for meeting the expectations and the needs of you, our client. We strive towards setting a high standard of excellence and maintaining that high standard. MGR Property Management continues its research of the Southern California real estate market to find out how to best serve our clients and ensure their financial success.

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I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in having their rental property managed or to a prospective lessee looking for a place to rent. I have positive dealings with this company and seen first-hand how dedicated the property managers are in each regional office. The staff adheres to all your needs in timely fashion. I will keep continuing my business relationship with this company as I have always seen auspicious results.

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