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Homeowner & Property Owners’ Associations Property Management in Southern California

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in supporting the appeal and financial viability of neighborhoods across the United States. These organizations are also sometimes known as property owners’ associations, or POAs. Even when they only have jurisdiction over relatively small communities of single-family dwellings, condominiums or townhouses, HOA and POA administrators must regularly deal with a wide range of complex tasks and responsibilities. And the ability to successfully manage this workload is often the deciding factor in long-term community health and well-being.

In the towns and cities of Southern California, the MGR Property Management company is your premier choice for high-quality, affordable HOA/POA management services. Whether your organization bears responsibility for a single, small neighborhood or a vast tract of residences, you’ll find everything you need to maintain internal integrity and meet the needs of your community. What’s more, our extensive customization options make it simple to choose only those services that truly help you focus on your association-specific goals and objectives.

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CC&R Tracking and Enforcement

Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) are the operating rules that homeowners’ and property owners’ associations use to achieve two key objectives: preserving and enhancing neighborhood property value. The specific terms of CC&Rs vary from community to community. However, as a rule, all residents in a given neighborhood must agree to a common set of terms as part of their deeds.

An HOA simply can’t remain functional if it doesn’t have a way to effectively track and enforce the terms of its neighborhood-wide CC&Rs. Tracking is necessary because not all residents will live up to the covenants, conditions and restrictions outlined in their deeds. In order to perform their core functions, homeowners’ associations and property owners’ associations must accurately document all deed violations. And, of course, neighborhood residents will lack incentive to meet their CC&R commitments in the absence of efficient, consistent rules enforcement.

At MGR Property Management, we specialize in the effective tracking and enforcement of HOA and POA covenants, conditions and restrictions. We’ll conduct regular inspections of each property under your jurisdiction and make note of any existing violations. When appropriate, we’ll also issue violation-related notices that clearly outline the consequences of CC&R noncompliance. In cases where ongoing issues remain unresolved, we’ll follow up these notices with mandated fines and pursue timely payment.

HOA and POA Administration

Homeowners’ associations and property owners’ associations can’t function efficiently without well-organized internal administration. While each organization may have its own specific administrative requirements, common tasks include:

  • Developing effective internal procedures and policies
  • Keeping track of all incoming communications (e.g., email and telephone calls)
  • Logging all work orders and requests for service
  • Keeping accurate records of contracts and other legally binding documents
  • Scheduling regular and annual board meetings, and
  • Recording and distributing meeting minutes

Our comprehensive administrative management services make it easy to keep your HOA/POA running smoothly all year long. We cover every task vital to your internal organization, from detailed recordkeeping to policy/procedure development and all meeting-related matters. Feel free to customize our responsibilities so they align precisely with the needs of your association.

Financial Management

No homeowners’ association or property owners’ association can survive without a scrupulous, detailed approach to ongoing financial management. Failure to keep your financial house in order can lead to everything from minor shortfalls and accounting inaccuracies to short- or long-term association insolvency. In a worst-case scenario, it can also lead to major legal entanglements with tax collection authorities.

Let MGR Property Management ease your organizational burden with our full slate of critical financial management services. A short list of tasks we can complete on your behalf includes:

  • Billing and collection of all monthly dues and special assessments
  • Enforcement and follow-up collection of all outstanding resident accounts
  • Management of your HOA/POA property assets
  • Payment of all your organizational bills and expenses
  • Month-by-month financial reporting and accounts reconciliation
  • Customized charting of your relevant organizational accounts
  • Billing for submetered utilities
  • Ongoing coordination with your chosen certified public accountant
  • Investment-related analysis and advice

Our rigorous oversight will promote and preserve your association’s fiscal health for years to come.

Vendor Oversight

The typical homeowners’ association relies heavily on contracted vendors for such critical services as trash collection and the maintenance of common spaces such as esplanades, playgrounds and swimming pools. When performed reliably and effectively, these services play a major role in the preservation and enhancement of neighborhood-wide property values. On the other hand, when performed poorly, they can drive property values down sharply over time. Altogether, these facts mean that proper vendor oversight is an absolutely essential task for a healthy HOA/POA.

The experts at MGR Property Management have extensive experience managing every aspect of HOA/POA vendor services. Crucial details we can handle for your organization include:

  • Assessment of the services provided by your current vendors
  • Preparation of proposal requests for new services
  • Management of the vendor bidding process, and
  • Finalization of new vendor contracts

We’ll help ensure your vendors act as genuine contributors to the upkeep of the properties under your jurisdiction.

Additional Management Services

Homeowners’ associations and property owners’ associations may require assistance with a range of additional management or administrative tasks. For instance, you may need to do things such as:

  • Create and mail informative newsletters for the residents of your community
  • Create and distribute welcome packages to new residents, or
  • Field and review any residents’ requests for property modifications or architectural variances

Whatever HOA/POA-related task you have in mind, just let us know. We can accommodate virtually any request and provide you with services that further support the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

Southern California’s Source for Property Management Excellence

Since the early 1980s, MGR Property Management has focused on one thing: providing the very best management services for homeowners’ associations, property owners’ associations and commercial property owners throughout Southern California. Whatever the size of your organization, you’ll find us standing by with an unbeatable combination of expertise, customizability and focus on client satisfaction. And reasonable pricing helps ensure that effective management never puts a crimp in the financial viability of your organization. Call us today for more details on how we can support the health of your HOA or POA.

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MGR Property Management has developed a reputation for meeting the expectations and the needs of you, our client. We strive towards setting a high standard of excellence and maintaining that high standard. MGR Property Management continues its research of the Southern California real estate market to find out how to best serve our clients and ensure their financial success.

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I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in having their rental property managed or to a prospective lessee looking for a place to rent. I have positive dealings with this company and seen first-hand how dedicated the property managers are in each regional office. The staff adheres to all your needs in timely fashion. I will keep continuing my business relationship with this company as I have always seen auspicious results.

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